Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Football at Carlisle

I do find it humourously ironic that old backward socialist Europe is home of the sporting free; a place where teams aren’t punished with salary caps for the crime of being well run or good; a place where bad clubs get relegated – or even occasionally go out of business - to often then be re-established by their orphaned fans.

As my brother pointed out last night, Taiwan is just the latest in a series of terrible football teams to which I have pledged my support. I grew up in south-west Scotland. This means that not only do I follow Scotland - whose recent achievements have included a one all draw with the Faroe Islands and a drubbing at the hands of Moldova - but I also cheer on Queen of the South – a team in the champions league of clubs with great names but who rattle around in the Scottish "Division One" of football – actually the nation’s 2nd tier league. The stupid title came about when it was decided the top division - as is often the case in English when one wants to make something mediocre sound better - should be given a French sounding name – The Scottish Premier League.

My home’s closest town of any significance however is actually in EnglandCarlisle. They play in the English "league one" which surprise surprise is nothing of the sort. It’s actually the third division. Some unhinged bureaucrat a while back thought that more money could made if the top 2 leagues were re-branded the Premiership (sound familiar?) and the championship - the championship of England’s 21st to 44th best teams. You couldn't make it up.

These days Carlisle United are on (for them) something of a crest. But they produced their finest ever moment at the bottom of a horrible trough.

I'd like to share that moment with you. It's a real beauty I'm sure you'll agree. Please pay attention to the context at the start.

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Anonymous said...

I can't believe you didn't mention the good team from that neck of the woods; Gretna. So good they're in the Premiership, the first team in Britain to get promoted three years in a row. Now THAT is quality!